Personality and Health Psychology Laboratory
Reverend Michael Wm. MacGregor, Ph.D., R.D.Psych.

Clinical Work

Private Practice, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (2004-present)
I occasionally see patients in private practice by referral.  My work is from a psychodynamic / psychoanalytic perspective and is long term in nature.  I mostly work with Axis II personality disorders, eating disorders, and patients suffering from severe trauma or long term psychiatric disorders.  I also act as a consultant for the Anglican Church of Canada, Diocese of Saskatoon.

Student Counseling Services, University of Saskatchewan (2001-2007)
Student Counseling Services offers undergraduate and graduate students a range of psychological services in three main areas:  Academic, career, and personal.  Academic services include a study skills program, a study skills laboratory, and individual academic counseling.  Career services include group career planning, career assessment, individual career counseling, and career resources.  Finally, personal services include personal counseling and individual psychotherapy.  I was at Student Counseling Services part-time and primarily involved in offering longer-term individual psychotherapy to students with problems related to abuse, personality, and easing disorders.
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