Personality and Health Psychology Laboratory
Reverend Michael Wm. MacGregor, Ph.D., R.D.Psych.

Information for Potential Students

I have a very active laboratory with a number of undergraduate and graduate students.  Some information about my research and laboratory can be found below,  but you will find more information if you visit some of the additional links.  If you would like to contact me then please feel free .  I look forward to hearing from you.

Undergraduate Students and Research Assistants
I run a number of research studies each year and am often looking for undergraduate students to help me as research assistants.  If you have already finished your first year of university and are interested in research then there may be opportunities available for you.  Some of the different activities that you may become involved with include:     
      1 Interviewing     
      2 Assessment of hostility and anger     
      3 Data entry     
      4 Transcription of clinical interviews     
      5 Assessment of coping styles     
      6 Blood pressure assessment     
      7 Administration of tests such as the Thematic Apperception Test, the Defense Mechanisms Inventory, or Eating Disorders Inventory

Honours Students
I typically accept one to three honour students each year.  Most often they are students who have been working in my laboratory and with whom I have already started to conduct research.  At times, I will accept honour students who have not yet worked in my laboratory or with me.  Some of the past honours projects that I have supervised include:     
      1 Anger expression and its relation to blood pressure     
      2 Retention and type of practice in veterinarians     
      3 Rape and rape myths in university students     
      4 Anger and premenstrual syndrome     
      5 Defense mechanisms and eating disorders     
      6 The five factors of personality and their relation to defense mechanisms
      7 Skin picking disorder

Graduate Students
On average I accept one new graduate student each year.  Since my two main areas of research interest are health and personality psychology (see my research link) I usually accept a student in each area in alternate years.  Some of the graduate student research projects I have supervised include:   
      1 Defense mechanisms and their relation to anxiety and depression     
      2 Drive for muscularity in men     
      3 Anger and blood pressure in aboriginal men and women     
      4 Defense mechanisms and personality disorders     
      5 Psychotherapeutic treatment for fibromyalgia

If you are interested in finding out more about my research, are interested in working in my laboratory, completing your honours thesis with me,  or want to know whether I am accepting new graduate student please email me.  It is best if you contact me in the fall of the year before you plan on attending graduate school. All the best.

Additional Laboratory Information
For information on laboratory expectations, data collection, and confidentiality please see the following links:     
      Laboratory expectations     
      Laboratory agreement and confidentiality
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