Personality and Health Psychology Laboratory
Reverend Michael Wm. MacGregor, Ph.D., R.D.Psych.

Selected Publications

Below are a few manuscripts and presentations to give you an idea of the type of research I am involved in.



MacGregor, M. Wm. & Lamborn, P. (2014).  Personality Assessment Inventory profiles of university students with eating disorders.  Journal of Eating Disorders, 2, 20-29.

Olson, T. R., Presniak, M. D., & MacGregor, M. Wm. (2011).  Reevaluating positive affect in the Center for Epidemiological Studies-Depression scale.  Psychiatry Research, 178, 545-549.

Presniak, M., Olson, T. R., & MacGregor, M. Wm. (2010).  The role of defense mechanisms in borderline and antisocial personalities.  Journal of Personality Assessment, 92, 137-145.

Olson, T. R., Presniak, M. & MacGregor, M. Wm. (2010).  Differentiation of depression and anxiety using defense mechanisms.  Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 197, 834-840.

Jelinski, M. D., Campbell, J. R., MacGregor, M. Wm., & Watts, J. M. (2009).  Factors associated with career veterinarians’ career path choices in the early postgraduate period.  The Canadian Veterinary Journal, 50, 943-948. 

Conference Presentations 

Bartel, S., Campoli, J., Toews, K., & MacGregor, M. Wm. (2015).  The efficacy of a combined cognitive-behavioural and interpersonal therapy approach to the treatment of fibromyalgia:  A Randomized controlled trial. 

Campoli, J., Quinlan, D. J., Mclean, M., & MacGregor, M. Wm. (2015).  Constructive anger and its role in blood pressure recovery in students.

Campoli, J., & MacGregor, M. Wm. (2015).  The use of defense mechanisms in differentiating borderline personality disorder (BPD) and antisocial personality disorder (APD) features.

Quinlan, D., & MacGregor, M. Wm. (2014).  The relation between hostility and humour.   Canadian Psychology/Psychologie Canadienne

Campoli, J., Reid, D., & Macgregor, M. Wm. (2014).  The impact of thinking and speaking in the third person on interpersonal processing.  Canadian Psychology/Psychologie Canadienne

Sheppard, M., & MacGregor, M. Wm., (2009).  Measuring within-defense variability:  The Adaptiveness of Defense Scale.  Canadian Psychology/Psychologie Canadienne

Presniak, M., Olson, T., & MacGregor, M. Wm. (2008).  Defense mechanisms:  Can they help us in differentiating antisocial and borderline personality traits?  Canadian Psychology/Psychologie Canadienne, 49:2a, 62.

Hagel, M., Olson, T., Presniak, M., & MacGregor, M. Wm. (2007).  Differences in defense use across levels of depressive symptomatology in a large sample of students.  Canadian Psychology/Psychologie Canadienne, 48:2a, 199.

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